ACA Road to Recovery
posted by H. Dan Smith, EdD, MFT

As you begin to heal, you may begin to experience the following:

1.A tendency to listen to your heart and respond out of your needs and wants first and foremost, rather than on the basis of past experience or the expectations of others.
2.An unmistakable ability to live life in the now.
3. Feeling responsible for your life.
4.A loss of interest in judging and taking care of others.
5.A loss of interest in judging yourself and now caring for yourself.
6.A loss of interest in interpreting the actions of others.
7.A loss of worry and a reduction in fear of living.
8.Frequent episodes of appreciation.
9.Feelings of connectedness with nature and others.
10.A brighter attitude about life and feelings of happiness.
11.An increased tendency to let things happen rather than making them happen.
12.An increased receptivity to love extended by others, as well as the desire to risk extending love to others.
13.Feelings of being a "whole person."
14.The belief that you are OK, just as you are right now.

(original source unknown)

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