Dan's Infamous "Marijuana Leaf" Incident
(24" X 36" poster is still hanging in my office!)

I was treating a teen boy and he asked that his mother join us in session. Fifteen seconds into the session, Mom said, "Brian, get your stuff and let's get out of here . . . NOW!"

Confused about what what happening, I followed them to the parking lot, insisting to know, "What happened?"

Mom scolded me for 10-minutes for having a giant poster of a marijuana leaf on display in my office. I tried to "educate" her on her lack of knowledge of 1) flora and 2) Canada . . . to no avail. The young man emailed me later stating, "Now you see what I live with."

I never saw them again.

Original (Cause of the Problem)

Fixed for Future Clients

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Posted 09-09-2017