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Thank you for becoming a field supervisor for advanced students in the Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling Program within the Department of Counselor Education and Rehabilitation at Fresno State!
Our hope is that you find this to be a fulfilling experience as you mentor one (or more) of our advanced clinical students!
Before our students begin their placement in agencies or professional settings such as yours, they have had at least one semester of supervised experience at Fresno Family Counseling Center (FFCC), our own community counseling clinic located on the west side of Palm Avenue, North of Shaw Avenue, across from Fig Garden Village at 5151 N. Palm Ave. Suite 200, Fresno, CA 93704. We are extremely proud of the work our students perform at FFCC; presently, we are having upwards of 8,000 sessions per year at FFCC, so your student will have supervised clinical experience before they come to your organization.