Fall Semester, 2022

COUN 239 - Field Placement in Counseling (3 and 6 units)

Behold . . . all the forms, documents, evaluations, instructions, contracts, directories, workshops, etc., that you will ever need for COUN 239.
COUN 239 Forms and Documents - "A veritable treasure-trove of fieldwork placement potpourri . . ."
Required on-line "mini-workshop" for Site Supervisors: Site Supervisors are required to complete our mini-workshop, entitled "Supervisor's Guide to COUN 239 - Field Placement in Counseling," on line at http://hdansmith.com/239guide. Please inform your supervisor of this CACREP requirement, and ask them to pay special attention to the instructions on the last page of the mini-workshop. This should take them no more than 20 minutes. 

These links take you to additional information for COUN 239.
 Dr. Smith's COUN 239 Course Syllabus  - Fall 2022 (posted 08-06-2022)
 Fall 2022 class meeting calendar of events.
 At what stage are you in your counselor development?

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