Dan's Client Vignettes for COUN 200 (Spring 2018)

A. Johnny (8 years old): "I feel bad most of the time. Since my daddy died, I'm mad at everybody. When Mom and I went at Mervyn's last week, I asked if I could have a Power Rangers tee shirt. She said 'No.' I got so angry and began hitting her and screaming. She called the policeman over to hold me down. I was so mad."

B. Ed (college sophomore): "I would like you to sign-me up for the accounting program. My father is an accountant and he says the money is really good. I guess it is, we have always had new cars and things. I barely passed math in high school, I just hate math."

C. Edwina (married, adult female): "When I saw Bob in that parking lot with that woman in my car, I could have died! My first reaction was hurt, shame, failure--like if I was any kind of a woman at all he would not be with her. Only a few minutes later I was enraged and wanted to kill them both. I did some awful things and said some things I may live to regret."

D. Valerie (college student): "I just haven't been feeling very good lately, depressed is what my doctor called it. He sent me over her to visit with you and get some pills or something. I see you are an MFT. I thought only MDs could give pills. What is going on here?"

E. Dan (blue collar dude): "I give up! My boss is such an ass! I have worked like a dog for him, at least 10 hours a day, and he still jumps all over me for every little thing. Sometimes just getting out of bed is a struggle. I used to bounce in to work, but our confrontation last week was the last straw!"

F. Seth (young adult): "My girlfriend just dumped me and is now seeing my former best friend. I don't know whether I am more angry or more hurt. I don't know if I'll ever trust another woman. They always treat me this way. I hate women."

G. Charlie (adult): "Well, you think drinking is a problem, but I never drink more than 4 or 5 beers each evening, except on the weekends. But hey, the weekend is my time! And another thing . . . I think I am a better driver after a few drinks. I am more careful not to get stopped by the cops. You don't know what you are saying . . . you're full of crap."

H. Sally (spouse): "I try to do what he wants. Well, I have to 'suck-it-up' and not get in his face. He's temperamental, you know. I have found that if I just do what Bob wants me to do, he hits me less. I think this is the way for me to go. What do you think?"

I. Calvin (on love and work): "She is always making me mad. She makes me crazy. She disagrees with me, fights with me about everything. Damn, if she would be more wife-like, I would not have such bad problems. She is making me so nervous that my boss is even starting to jump on me."

J. Abe (grieving father): "Those sorry bastards killed my son. There he was, minding his own business, and they killed him. The police aren't doing enough to catch them, although I think they know who did it. I want to strike out. I can never forgive or forget. I know his file is moving farther to the back of the filing cabinet with each passing day. Nobody cares."

K. Ted (on life as it is): "I wish I had some better skills in getting along with my wife, but she is just impossible. On second thought, my employer and my in-laws are impossible, too. How did I get such a lousy bunch of people around me? What is wrong with all these clowns?"

L. Sarah (spouse): "My husband is a 'dirty cop.' The court has found him guilty of pulling a lot of bad stunts on a lot of innocent people. I'm about decide that he is a 'dirty husband,' too. He lies to me, cheats, hides money, and the whole nine yards. I am trying to accept this because I have two kids. What will we do if I leave him? I can't afford to live alone."

M. Deborah (on work and life): "Everybody at work seems so outgoing. They laugh, joke around, have fun. Not me, I don't feel comfortable with this kind of behavior. While I am a good worker, the boss likes the outgoing workers, and thinks I need to 'loosen-up.' It's not fair."

N. Diane (on herself): "Sex, right. What a joke. I always have to fake it. My parents always told me sex was disgusting just to keep me away from it. Guess it worked too good. I loathe sex. I just close my eyes and hope it is over soon. Why does sex have to be a part of marriage?"

O. Lou (on child support): "Hey, If I can't see the kids whenever I want to, I'm not going to send the check. I don't care what she says. I'll see my kids or I'll punish her by holding the child support."

P. Barbara (on being a university faculty member): "He told me that if I wrote an article he would support me for promotion. I did. He didn't. Sorry SOB! He said it wasn't in the 'right' kind of journal with the 'right' kind of circulation within the profession. He never specified this until after the fact. I hate this place!"

Q. Carmen (on relationship with husband): "We seem to be doing better now. The way I keep from fighting with Juan is to just ignore him. Seems to be working. I used to challenge everything. Now I just say 'ok' or 'whatever' and he leaves me alone."

R. Bob (on his daughter): "Who the hell do you think you are suggesting that I might have a role in this? As the parent, I have a right to tell Karla to 'do the dishes' or 'clean up your room,' or whatever. She doesn't do it because she is a lousy kid. Hey, I came here to get some help with HER, and you are turning this back on to me. Sorry, pal, but 'no can do'."

S. Bernice: I just don't get it. Every time she walks into my office there is an explosion. I feel attacked. As a colleague there are lots of things to discuss, but just why can't we discuss them rationally? I want to work with her, but there seems to be no way.

T. Sarah: Even with the opportunity for us to move, I don't see how this will really help much. We fight all the time and somehow we thought that if we were just in a house that it would all be better. This is like one of those "lets have a baby and we'll have to get along" deals, only there is not baby, just a house. I suspect that if we get into the house and don't get along, then we'll probably go for the baby.