List of possible COUN 239 placement sites. This list is NOT exhaustive by any means; just because a site is on this list doesn't mean that it is taking trainees at this time. This list implies no guarantee of a placement. If you know of a site that should be on the list, please let Dan Smith know . . . and it will be included.

PLEASE NOTE: Per new rules by CUSF Risk Management, no student may work in a non-contracted agency; the contact specifies liability limitations between the University and the agency. All agencies on the list have been contacted about this, and should you wish to work in a "Contract Pending" agency, please encourage your site supervisor to complete the required paper work. See Dan Smith for additional information and/or instructions on how to accomplish this task.

WEBSITE UPDATE FORM: If you need to update your listing OR wish to initiate a new listing, please use the provided form. It is presented in Microsoft Word® (.doc) and Adobe PDF® (.pdf) formats. Complete the form and email to FAXING THE DEPARTMENT NO LONGER WORKS! Thank you.

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(Not an exhaustive list; we will add more when requested!)
Abundant Transformations Contracted 05-21-2023
Aegis Medical Systems, Inc. Contracted 09-09-2018
Alliance for Community Transitions (Merced and Mariposa) Contracted 08-23-2022
Amador County Behavioral Health Contracted 03-26-2018
Aspiranet Contracted 08-20-2023
Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Central California Pending --
Center for Human Services (Modesto) Contracted 01-29-2018
Central Unified School District Contracted 01-22-2023
Clovis Unified School District Contracted 02-02-2021
College of the Sequoias Counseling Center Contracted 08-22-2018
Community Action Partnership of Madera County Contracted 01-09-2019
Community Behavioral Health Center (CBHC) Master Contract
Comprehensive Youth Services Contracted 10-08-2019
Cornerstone Family Counseling Contracted 03-30-2018
Cruickshank Middle School - Merced Pending --
EMQ Families First Contracted 08-16-2018
Exceptional Parents Unlimited (EPU) Contracted 09-15-2019
Family Court Services Pending --
Family Foundations Counseling Services Contracted 10-22-2022
Family Services of Tulare County Contracted 08-21-2019
First Steps Recovery Contracted 09-13-2023
Fresno Center For New Americans - Living Well Program Contracted 08-30-2018
Fresno City College - Extended Opportunity Program and Services Contracted 10-09-2020
Fresno County Department of Behavioral Health - Child/Adolescent Master Contract
Fresno County Department of Behavioral Health - Pathways to Recovery Master Contract
Fresno Family Counseling Center [a University Service] Exempt
Fresno Vet Center Pending --
Hospice of San Luis Obispo County Pending --
Integral Community Solutions Institute (ICSI) Contracted 07-01-2019
Intensive Community Support Services Team/Assertive Community Treatment Pending --
JDT Consultants, Inc. Contracted 09-18-2018
Kings View Behavioral Health - PATH Program (Fresno) Pending --
Kings View Counseling Services for Kings County - Adult Contracted 10-01-2019
Kings View Counseling Services for Kings County - Children Contracted 10-01-2019
Lemoore Union High School Contracted 07-18-2023
Marjaree Mason Center Contracted 08-19-2018
Mental Health Systems, Fresno First Contracted 01-10-2019
Mental Health Systems - Juvenile Justice Campus Master Contract
Omega Mental Health Contracted 01-25-2023
Pathfinders Guidance Center Contracted 07-01-2018
Resource Center for Survivors Contracted 06-18-2018
Salvation Army (Recovery Program) Contracted 12-15-2021
Sanctuary Youth Shelter Contracted 09-15-2019
Sanger Unified School District Contracted 08-22-2019
Sierra Vista Child and Family Services - Merced Pending --
Spirit of Woman Contracted 05-02-2018
Steve Garvey Junior High School - Healthy Start Program Pending --
Toulumne County Human Services Agency (Sonora) Contracted 02-01-2018
Treehouse Low-Fee Clinic Contracted 09-25-2018
Trinity Ministries Group, Inc. Contracted 10-20-2019
Tulare Youth Service Bureau Contracted 02-11-2021
University Health and Psychological Services [a University Service] Exempt
Valley State Prison for Women Pending --
Valley Teen Ranch Contracted 06-18-2018
Visalia Youth Services Pending --
WestCare California (Fresno Outpatient) Pending --
WestCare California (Fresno Residential Facility) Pending --

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