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Student in our program are completing the educational requirements for California MFT and/or PCC licensure post graduation. Your influence on these individuals will help shape their future as professionals, therefore your mentorship is extremely important at this juncture in their development.
Technically, their work with you comes under the heading of "practicum," and they are "Trainees" -- students don't officially begin their "Associateship" until after attaining the Master of Science Degree. What sets our students apart from those from other universities in the region is this is not their first practicum! Our program requires at least one semester of "individual counseling" practicum in our on-campus counseling lab, and one semester of clinical practicum at FFCC prior to their field experience. Some students even elect to work two semesters at FFCC before entering COUN 239!
As one might imagine, there is quite a bit of terminology, some of it rather odd, that goes along with the COUN 239 experience . . . perhaps a "definition of terms" would be beneficial at this juncture!